Ever since I was little my favorite thing was to spend time in the kitchen.

I remember being young and my mom wouldn’t let me cook at home, maybe because she was scared that I might hurt myself or because she was scared of the mess I was going to make (the second one is more likely), so I used to beg her to go to my grandma’s house where I knew that if I asked nicely, my grandma would let me help her in the kitchen. And that was where my best memories were made.

With her I had my first contact with cooking and I was hooked! I learnt how to cook eggs, meat, rice,… but specially, I learned that the best thing about cooking is to share the results with the people you love. She makes the best rice (whether sweet rice, butter rice or just plain rice) and she is also the main reason why I fell in love with cooking.

I can honestly say that the recipes that I have learned with her when I was 7, are still my favorite now! Her recipe of rice, tuna, boiled egg and mayo is my ultimate conform food and every time I cook it I can still picture my 7-year-old self standing in my toes in my grandmas kitchen trying to be tall enough to reach the stove.

This might have been where my passion for cooking started but the most talented person I have ever meet in regards to cooking is my mom!

I always wanted to cook with her, even when I was little.. I used to follow her around and when it was time to go prepare lunch or dinner, I would just run and put on my tinny apron and ask if I could help her. She would then grab me and place me on top of the kitchen counter where I could see everything and pretend that I was actually helping.

I wanted to be a part of everything, all the knowledge that they had, I just wanted to absorb it all, from the begging to the end! I would cry and beg to miss Monday morning classes, because I knew that every Monday morning they would go grocery shopping together and I loved to see them in the middle of the supermarket thinking of what they were going to cook this week, I just couldn’t miss this creative flow of ideas!

We can just say that with this two amazing women inspiring me, my love for cooking  grew and sooner than later I started to spend my time surrounded by pots and pans and I couldn’t have felt more at home.

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