Mom’s Bread with Cheese

I consider my mom one of the best hosts! Every time someones comes over, whether it is for lunch, dinner, a special occasion or celebration, they just find themselves surrounded by mouth watering food that would make them want to come and live with us!

This recipe of bread with cheese is an all time favorite of mine (and everyone that has tasted it). It is super easy to make but will leave your guests, and you, wanting more!


You will need:

  • Round bread
  • 3 Types of cheese of your choice
  • Chorizo (optional)
  • Mayonnaise
  • 1 Onion
  • 3 Pieces of garlic
  • Fresh oregano


How to do it:

  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees
  • Chop the onion and cut the garlic
  • Put it in a bowl and mix it with the cheese
  • Add the mayonnaise, chorizo and the oregano to the mixture until the mixture “holds together”
  • Get the bread and cut off the top like a lid
  • Take the core part of the bread out and place the mixture inside
  • Keep the core part of the bread, as you will use it later in smaller pieces
  • Place it in the oven and leave it there until the cheese on the top melts
  • Take the bread out and with a spoon mix the cheese mixture
  • Cut the core bread in smaller pieces
  • Place the core and the top of the bread (that you previous have token out) in the tray with the bread in the oven, so that it gets warm and crispy, and put it back in the oven
  • When the cheese on top melts and it starts to get golden, take it out of the oven
  • Place the bread in a plate and it is ready to serve




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